Photo of me squinting into the camera

Hello, my name is Nate Wright

and I have more than two decades of experience building for the web. I’m comfortable working across the full stack, whether I’m making interactive stories, creating a UI component library, or building a data-driven app. In my career, I’ve worn all sorts of hats. I’ve worked alone and in teams, led on frontend and backend tasks, and taken on documentation and developer relations.

I had a previous career in journalism and I’m interested in working on projects at the intersection of information, communication, and social change. I believe technology is a means not a mission. No algorithm can tell us what a better world looks like. But well-built digital products can help watchdogs monitor, campaigners organise, and activists agitate.

You can learn more about some of the work I've done below. Contact me if you think I can help with something you are working on.


Photo of my dog Peanut