About Me

My name is Nate Wright and I’ve been building websites and apps for more than 20 years. If it’s on the web, I can build it and make it accessible to anyone on any device.

I had a previous career in journalism and I’m interested in working on projects at the intersection of information, communication, and social change.

See what I do below and contact me if you think I can help with something you are working on.

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I build reliable apps that help individuals and organisations collect, manage and analyse data.


In my career, I’ve worn all sorts of hats.

I’ve worked alone and in teams, led on frontend and backend tasks, and taken on documentation and developer relations.

I’m comfortable working across the full stack, from design to database and everything in between. Take a closer look at my technical experience below.

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# Code Modernization
I helped refactor and modernize a legacy PHP/jQuery application with type hints, automatic code formatting and Vue.js.
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# UI Component Library
I designed and built a Vue.js component library for the world's most widely used scholarly publishing software.
~/projects/scrollytelling-vue on main 2a14f2 May 6 10:04
# Scrollytelling with Vue.js
How I managed CPU usage in an interactive, scroll-based story using a reactive framework like Vue.js.
~/projects/fmep-lawfare-data on main d977ed Sep 14 2023
# Data Extraction from PDF/Word
I used Node.js scripts to extract unstructured research data and reformat it into well-organized spreadsheets.
~/projects/edinburgh-councillors on main ddc6c1 Mar 8 2023
# Data Scraping with Cypress
I scraped data on my city councillors and created a postcode lookup tool for local residents.
~/projects/pkp-docs on main 325461 Jun 5 2023
# Documentation
I handled developer relations for an open source project, writing documentation, a contributor's guide, and a newsletter.